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Steve Grable is the founder, owner, designer, and biggest fan of Montana Custom Log Furniture. He grew up near Mount Hood in Oregon as a pastor's son. He developed his love of the outdoors, natural resources, and creating imaginative wood works from his father. After spending 15 years working for Costco Wholesale in the busy Pacific Northwest--mostly in the Seattle and Portland markets--he decided to move to Northwest Montana to be closer to his folks and enjoy his favorite pastimes....hunting and fishing in the great outdoors! If you ever want to do some Montana hunting and fishing, feel free to give him a call. He might just set you up with an affordable Montana vacation on their land and stay in their log cabin on the creek! The flyfishing in the area is historically what dreams are made of!

Being a small town boy, and hating the fast pace and hectic, stressful lifestyle of living and working in the city, he is now realizing his dream--owning his own business, raising his kids in prime recreational territory, and enjoying all that "God's country" (Montana) has to offer. He is a superb outdoorsman, avid hunter, and enthusiastic fisherman. He is proud to be able to make a living in Montana, collecting his materials from the nearby national forest, and helping the environment by recycling dead standing timber that would just be burned up in slash piles anyway.


"We are able to keep our prices considerably lower than our competitors because I am able to do all of the design, administration, marketing, promotion, and construction ourselves," says Steve. "We have access to thousands of acres of Forest Service land, which means plentiful resources and materials nearby, low overhead costs, limited staff, and an abundance of peace and serenity in the beautiful Montana mountains. I am not in this business to get rich or build an empire, I am grateful just to be able to pay the bills, live, work, play, and raise my children here. My experience with Costco taught me to cut the unnecessary costs of marketing, fancy showrooms, excessive labor, and to learn to trust when you offer the best product at the best price, sales take care of themselves. All of the other details fall into place when you strive to please the customer with a commitment to value, service, and quality craftsmanship." The valuable lessons and experience Steve has gained from his career in the retail and service industries has definitely translated to an abundance of benefits to his customers.


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Kids at Falls

Steve & his twins--Austin and Alyssa, at 10 yrs old, now they're 16!

The Crew

The Crew

Determined to do WHATEVER it takes to remain in Montana, he decided to use his skills and passions to create a product that takes advantage of the plentiful resources available around his home, and a product that is popular, and in high demand! His love for wood working, the outdoors, our natural resources, creativity, and his entrepreneurial spirit were a natural fit for building log furniture.


It is his attention to detail, and his commitment to provide a quality product, superb service, and outstanding value that makes him one of the most sought after craftsmen in the log furniture industry. His experience with Costco, as well as his spiritual convictions have taught him many valuable lessons. He is unwilling to sacrifice quality or integrity when designing and creating your beautiful furnishings. Steve loves the opportunity to work so closely with you, his customers. He lets you participate in the entire design and construction process, allowing you to make all of the crucial decisions. He communicates with you via email, phone, and digital pictures to be sure that you get the EXACT furniture of your dreams.


“I like to think that I bring a little of the outdoors into your home, at a price anyone can afford!”



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Hard at Work in the Shop



Peeled by hand......truly handcrafted!

Steve says, “I would love to personally meet every one of my customers, even come out to their home and assemble and install their treasures, but unfortunately we are so busy that that just isn’t realistic.” What he does do instead, is offer his adorable log guest cabin to you free of charge if you can make the journey to Montana to pick up your furnishings and save a bundle on shipping charges. “I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country!! My home and shop borders the National Forest, Cabinet Mountains Wilderness, and Plum Creek Paper land. We have an abundance of wildlife in our region year round--including moose, elk, deer (whitetail and mule deer), bear (grizzly and black), cougars, wolves, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, eagles, hawks, osprey, and many more critters! I live a short walk from a blue ribbon trout stream, and the world record rainbow (31 lbs) was caught in the Kootenai River, about 10 miles from my home."


"I have the most adorable furnished one room log cabin right down next to our creek, built especially for my guests and customers. It has a queen sized loft bed, two bunks, a wood stove, covered porch with swing, and electric lighting. There is a campfire pit right outside the cabin, with picnic benches that convert to picnic tables. We also have a charming 2-story tree house, with a 20-foot firemans pole for a quick exit. We have an airplane swing, a rope swing, and a zip line that can whisk you or your kids across the creek. Bring the whole family and stay as long as you wish. It normally rents for $100/nite, but I offer it FREE to my customers to use for their convenience. I would love to have you come and stay with us, we can show you around, go sightseeing, fishing, waterskiing, hiking, riding, or just leave you alone so you can get some much needed R&R, whatever your heart desires!”


"I love to satisfy and please my customers. At the end of the day I can be proud of a job well done! I think you will love my work too, hundreds of loyal customers can't be wrong!"



Our Guest Cabin

So, not only will you save hundreds on shipping, but you will save $100 per nite, in our comfortable guest cabin, and get a few days away to relax and explore Big Sky country. Just the accommodations, hospitality, and activities are worth more than any $500/week vacation! What other craftsman makes those kind of offers?


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Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer!


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Outdoor products made by an outdoorsman, for those that love the outdoors.



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